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How to claim your free Daily Dollar and Welcome Bonus Package

How to claim your free Daily Dollar and Welcome Bonus Package

Have you finally signed up and now wondering what the next step is? It can be confusing when you first sign up and login, that's okay! Here I will show you what needs to be done now that you have joined and are ready to start playing and how to claim your free Daily Dollar and Welcome Bonus Package.

Claiming your Daily Bonus package

Once you login you should be at the home page. To get to your daily bonus package just simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the blue button at the top of your screen that says "Wallet"

  • Click on "Daily Bonus"

  • Click on "Claim Daily Bonus"

Then you're all set and have money and Gold Coins you can use anywhere on the site! You can claim this bonus every single day. Just remember that it is only redeemable exactly 24 hours from the last time you claimed it. If you are not sure when your next one it, there is a timer at the bottom that will tell you!

Wallet box that has the Daily Bonus package for an online casino

How to claim Welcome Bonus Package

Now that you've signed up and are ready to play, you may be wondering where you get the Welcome Bonus from. It is super simple and easy to get it! You will need to ensure you have properly signed up with all the requirements that are associated with account creations, failure to do so will limit your access to the site. It is a very easy process so don't be discouraged!

You can find this feature under Account>Settings>Offers.


Once there, you would need to enter your affiliate referral code within the first 24h upon account creation. 

*Please note that in case your account is older than 24h, you will no longer be able to manually enter the code.

You will receive a Welcome Bonus from Stake for $25 within the first 48 hours of creating your account. Make sure you have verified your email and uploaded the ID as required for verification purposes. If you still haven't received the email by the 48-hour mark. Please reach out to Stake Live Support and ask them when you can expect it. Most of the time they will credit it straight to your account.

How to claim all Social Media Bonus Drops and Streamer Drops

Now that you've signed up and started playing, you may be curious on how to get the various bonus drops from different sources. Follow these easy steps and you will be getting free money in no time at all!

  • Go to the person Icon in the top right of your screen

  • Click on "Settings"

  • Find "Offers" at the bottom left of the Settings menu

    • For code "TopNotchGaming" place that in the top code box under "Welcome Offer" Must be submitted within 24hours of creating your account

    • For Bonus Drops, place the code word in the "Redeem Bonus Drop" box and hit submit!

The picture of how to claim a Bonus drop from streamers or social media and bonus codes for welcome offers

The Bonus Drop codes are created with three factors that govern them.

1. The playthrough requirement for the last 7 days from the moment you go to claim it. This is to mitigate Bots from claiming the codes and gives everyone a fair shot.

2. How many people are allowed to claim the code. The codes aren't one per account, rather they are limited by a certain number. For instance 5000 people can claim the code, first come first served.

3. The Bonus Drop amount itself. For Twitter this is a $5 dollar code and instagram is a $10 dollar code.

These codes will vary on the three factors depending on where you find them. Streamers will often have codes that are worth $4-$6 dollars, but may come with a higher playthrough/wager amount to claim it.

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