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Frequently Asked Questions

Playing on an Online Social Casino can be a confusing experience for those who are not well versed with Virtual Currencies. If at any point you feel confused or have questions about how things work, please reach out to support and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a detailed explanation to answer your questions!

Is Stake.US real?

YES! is a social casino that is only available in the US (with the exception of certain States - Washington, New York, Nevada, Idaho, Kentucky & Michigan). It uses sweepstakes as a means of promoting its primary product – social gameplay using virtual tokens called “Gold Coins”.

What is a Social Casino?

A social casino is an online website where customers can play casino-style games for fun using virtual tokens (“Gold Coins”). Gold Coins:
     a) have no value; and
     b) can never be redeemed or exchanged for anything of value.
When customers play using Gold Coins (“Standard Play”), they can only win more Gold Coins. Gold Coins are given for free when, for example, customers sign up for an account or participate in certain promotions. If customers wish to extend their gameplay or enhance their gameplay experience, they may purchase more Gold Coins.

Can you win real money from Stake.US?


Stake Cash can be redeemed for prizes such as Cryptocurrencies!
Sweepstakes are a type of promotional tool that is used to encourage the sale of a company’s product (in our case being Gold Coins and the Social Casino). When customers purchase certain Gold Coin bundles, they may receive sweepstakes entries (called “Stake Cash” on our platform). Stake Cash is also freely available through a number of other means as well, such as daily bonuses and weekly promotions. Stake Cash can never be purchased – it is always given for free. Stake Cash can be used to participate in our sweepstakes games (“Promotional Play”). Stake Cash:

     a) have no value; and
     b) won through gameplay can be redeemed for valuable prizes (such as crypto).

Gold Coins cannot be exchanged for Stake Cash, and vice versa.

How do you purchase a Gold Coin bundle that comes with free stake cash?

You will see multiple bundle options for buying Gold Coins when you go to your wallet. 

It doesn't matter which option you choose; you do not have to purchase what the value of the bundle is. Your Stake.US account comes with a Crypto wallet for each Crypto Currency they accept. You will have a Send wallet address and a Receive Wallet address. When you are ready to purchase Gold Coins, ensure you are selecting an option that has "Free Stake Cash" at the top. From there you will use the dropdown menu to select your Crypto of choice and copy that address. After that you will use your Crypto Wallet to send your crypto to your Stake.US account. Once it is registered and completed, you will receive your Gold Coins and Stake Cash, plus 1% additional Stake Cash in relation to your original amount deposited! 

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