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Monthly Giveaways!

Each month I stream on Kick. During this stream I follow a simple pattern, first is the Affiliate Raffle, then the Bonus Buy Giveaway, and finally a teaching portion where I go over a different aspect of the site to help build the knowledge for the viewers. This is the time to ask any questions you may have about playing on the site and learn something you never knew existed!

Follow me on kick at to find out when I go live each month for a chance to win risk free!


Monthly Affiliate Raffle!

During the stream I will be doing a raffle for all those under my affiliate code. Starting out I am giving 25 SC/250K GC to 5 lucky people! 

The amount given out each month comes directly from my affiliates and I plan to continue giving back the SC I earn to those who are playing under my code! 


Monthly Bonus Buy Giveaway!

As I play throughout the month, I set aside a set percentage of my winnings to giveaway to those who watch my Monthly stream! Better months means higher bonus buys. 

December 2023 I picked 4 people in the giveaway to pick a slot for a bonus buy. It is risk free to you and we split the amount returned. If you get picked and hit a max win, that could be thousands in your pocket!


Monthly Stream Stake.Us Tutor session!

After I complete the Affiliate Raffle and the Bonus Buy Giveaways, I will be spending the next few hours going over the basics of Stake.US and explaining how everything works. I also go over common strategies people use for VIP grinding, Balance building, Depositing, Redeeming, and Recycling Gold Coins. 

Dec Raffle winnings:


Bonus Buy Winnings:

Bonus buy cost: $20

Number of Buys: 5

Viewer Amount won: $116

To enter into the Affiliate Raffle, you must Sign up under my code (click the link above). Once your account is created, email with your username and your LTC recieve wallet address!

I must be able to verify your information before the stream in order to add you to the raffle list. 

Sign up with the 2024 Promotion Codes below to receive; instant 5% rakeback, 25 SC/250K GC, 1 SC/10K GC everyday you login.

Email and get a Welcome Bonus Match! An extra 25 SC/250K GC!
Begin your playing with 50 SC! 

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