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Overview of' VIP Program

Updated: Feb 21

There are 15 VIP levels plus the "Non-VIP" level you start with. Once you reach each VIP level you are given a base bonus SC/GC amount plus a recent play bonus. Reaching each level is dependent on your GC plus your SC played. Below you can see the amount needed if you utilize one over the other. Getting to the next level is extremely useful as each level increases the percentages you receive when you get any weekly/monthly or post/pre monthly bonuses!

stake us VIP Levels explained. VIP program. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

It can seem extremely daunting to reach these levels but with some strategies and risk management, you can make it there in no time! I had a personal goal when I first started, that was to make Platinum VIP without depositing any of my own personal funds. It took some time, but I was able to do it. Check out the strategies blog to see some of the common techniques I used to overcome the goal I set for myself!

Bronze: 10,000 SC / 2 billion GC

Silver: 50,000 SC / 10 billion GC

Gold: 100,000 SC / 20 billion GC

Platinum: 250,000 SC / 50 billion GC

Platinum II: 500,000 SC / 100 billion GC

Platinum III: 1,000,000 SC / 200 billion GC

Platinum IV: 2,500,000 SC / 500 billion GC

Platinum V: 5,000,000 SC / 1 trillion GC

Platinum VI: 10,000,000 SC / 2 trillion GC

Diamond: 25,000,000 SC / 5 trillion GC

Diamond II: 50,000,000 SC / 10 trillion GC

Diamond III: 100,000,000 SC / 20 trillion GC

Diamond IV: 250,000,000 SC / 50 trillion GC

Diamond V: 500,000,000 SC / 100 trillion GC

Obsidian: 1,000,000,000 SC / 200 trillion GC

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