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Stake Incentives and Bonuses

Updated: Feb 21

Sweepstakes winning. The winner is. stakeus Incentives and bonuses. What StakeUS offers. gives incentives for being an active player in different ways.

Daily Bonus - This is 10,000 GC and 1 SC. If used right, you can build the SC and GC up a little bit through various Originals Stake games. Using the Slots is possible but very volatile when you play with SC due to the House Edge applied to everything.

Weekly Bonus - Every Saturday Stake will give you a percentage of GC and SC back from what you've played and lost throughout the week. If you are having a good week and not losing a lot, then the weekly will be a smaller amount. It will vary by what game types you play. Dice 98% will net you a small weekly compared to slots.

Monthly Bonus - Same concept as the weekly, but it is calculated for a month time frame. An active month can net a good amount of GC/SC. This is the bonus that most big players will use to try and turn a massive profit as it gives the biggest boost to the Bankroll.

Reloads - (NON - VIP Members do not get a monthly bonus) In lieu of monthly bonus, NON-VIP will get a daily reload. This is a miniscule amount, mine was .02 SC a day for 4 or 5 days.

Reloads will also come at Platinum VIP levels and is calculated from the previous 7 days of playthrough from when you reach the new Level. If you are down overall, the amount is usually higher than normal.

  • Platinum- 14 Days

  • Platinum 2 - 24 Days

  • Platinum 3 - 42 Days

BONUS DROPS - A daily drop (between 6pm EST to Midnight, on average) from Stake that requires you to claim it before everyone else does. This drops daily on twitter or the telegram app. You will need to go to -settings-offers-bonus drop- to input the code and it will net you 5SC and 50,000GC each time. There are times where Stake will send out 2 or 3 bonus drops in a day. I've personally gotten 15 SC in a single day from claiming these.

requirement for the bonus drop you must play through 3000 SC within the previous 7 days in order to claim this drop. To get that amount check out the strategies thread!

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